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GJM [ microblogging ] microblogging about starting as : Pilot , " The era of small spines Age 3 " trailer . Yang michael kors bags on sale Mi [ microblogging ] pregnant actress Gong Ming change , Gu Zhun debut, Sogo 's death, the couple's relationship major reshuffle ...... it is doomed from the start as a topic of . LOS ANGELES GJM exclusive dialogue and resolve the trailer , Gu source lying naked sea roses , Lin Xiao and McCully snow quarrel hands , four sisters frolic the streets of Rome , Sogo reborn "rebirth ", which are instantly notice amazing film . And when asked about the film and its views of the Han , Guo chose silence . Four sisters shuffle relations enemies Ke Zhendong [ microblogging ] nude lying on the sea of roses "This is the best of times, the worst of times ." Lin Xiao to Dickens famous as this show kicked off. Gongchoujiaocuo among McCully announced the party started , the four sisters sparkling debut . This party is to celebrate the birthday and Ming Palace "ME" designed anniversary , is one half of the film's most important scenes, in front of all the contradictions will pave the way for a night in this outbreak . According to the director Guo said, just play this scene , it took a full 20 days . "I have taken gifts to send to you, will make you a surprise ." Ke Zhendong played Gu source lying naked on the bed , the whole body bathed in rose petals. Why Gu source will make such a bold move ? GJM jokes suspense to stay to the end, when you see the movie to know . However, the main tone of the film is far from romantic, a rift began to spread in the sister relationship : Lin Xiao Gu says , "You simply put me , as all the Tangwan as you keep the dog," as if to Nanxiang Tangwan cried out , " there are plenty of boys like you , why do you keep me grab , you're bitchy ! " night of snow , the four girlfriends decorum mutual abuse, Lin Xiao to a large bunch of roses mercilessly pound McCully face Ministry Tangwan also like hitting his head bloody. It is not in the original plot, this episode will account for more than half of New movie . Yang Mi pregnancy director Sogo died without substitutions emotional challenges crash Yang Mi is pregnant with Zhou Chongguang related scenes are the most challenging , because she wanted to show a lot of mood swings , including the piercing cry , decadent sitting under the shower , as well as michael kors sale uk the trailer the rain has not been demonstrated , running and so on. Sogo suffering from stomach cancer on one talked about , this notice is given directly Lin Xiao pilot cried , "Let me look at his last one right ," and the snow funeral lens. " A very dedicated actor ," GJM describe Yang Mi . Guo recalls the day he is in a meeting , Yang Mi to door pick up the phone to tell him she said , " a lot of things ." Became one of the first people to know of her pregnancy , GJM very excited at first , and then start thinking about how to do film . In his mind , there is no second person elected Xiao Lin : . " They are four girls in the hearts of the audience left a very deep impression, has produced a very good chemistry , replace any establishment I was not ready ' If the power does not play small , I would rather postpone or do not shoot ' preparations , but little power are under great pressure because she knows we have established hundreds of individual crew and work for months , if not beat this time the price would be very large. smaller power of feelings " small time" deep, so we have to discuss what is the right solution and I think the change Hsiao Lin pregnant women, but that is too big for the original changes , according to the original movie or take a basic plot line . " So , after overcoming difficulties, Yang Mi Lin Xiao was finally successfully completed scenes . In the end of the trailer , a blonde model Looking back, he bore a striking resemblance with the degree of order Sogo Lin Xiao widened eyes. Outer mold named Miss burn , read the original all know how it is, but have not seen is the biggest suspense . Chen Dong Lu order of ornaments burn , spend four hours a day in crew time on the special effects makeup, lip These are molds, golden eyes pupil sheet rubber is not universal colored lenses , but specifically to imitate foreigners pupil special , golden eyelashes to a one Nianshang Qu . McCully debut GJM like two brothers aristocratic Jinrong In this section , the father of an illegitimate child care McCully source , McCully 's cousin Neil , both appeared , they were undertaking different image and functionality. On one in McCully 's father died in a car accident , leaving behind a legacy of many secrets, such as the whereabouts of the family shares. So Gu Zhun 's brother brought a lot of unexpected plot will change McCully life direction. Neil is a more lively role , while in the trailer can also be seen , two handsome CCP an umbrella in the snow scenes are beautiful and romantic . For the " male beauty " element film , Guo said: " I ??have done a lot of people casting, to balance the roles of image and acting, after all," small time " is still a very commercial genre , a lot of business michael kors bags uk sale to meet the demands . for example, a little handsome appearance , performances have to make it, so is a comprehensive consideration, choose a lot of people , they finalized a few . "
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